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if you disagree with anything here, please do not make harsh comments, just tell me what you think so far! arguments are appreciated.


*this is more as if they were in their own fire emblem world, not apart of awakening or fate’s. I just used their classes to have an idea of classes to make. The top classes represent awakening.

*produces offspring 


*makoto naegi 
[ lvl 1 tactician (hope) | archer | mage ]
fates revalations [ spear fighter| outlaw | cavalier | diviner ]
naegi has great luck and skill, but lower HP and defense. his ability of hope tactics helps in the most despairing situations and fortifies his allies. be careful not to leave him hanging around for too long, he'll put up a fight against the strongest despair, but help is still needed.
stats (initial) 
HP: 17 Def: 3
Str: 6 Res: 4
Skl: 5 Mov: 6 
Spd: 8 Con: 5 
Luc: 9 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: sword D tome: D

promotion stats
HP: +4 Def: +3
Str: +3 Res: +2 
Skl: +2 Mov: 6 
Spd: +2 Con: +2
Luc: +5 Rsc: +5

Lvl 20 tactician
HP: 40 Def: 13
Str: 15 Res: 15
Skl: 14
Spd: 15
Luc: 22 
Lvl 20 Great Hope
HP: 50 Def: 20
Str: 24 Res: 21
Skl: 25
Spd: 22 
Luc: 30 

kyoko kirigiri 
[ lvl 7 wyvern rider | dark mage | cavalier ]
fates revalations [ malig knight | dark mage | archer | mercenary ]
finely balanced. Has great skill, defense, speed, and HP is high. great for an ultimate detective. don’t ever think she lets her guard lose. rescuing units may leave her open, but she regardless won't put up without a fight. she's one of the best characters for mounted/flying units.
stats (initial)
HP: 23 Def: 121Str: 14 Res: 8
Skl: 12 Mov: 8 
Spd: 12 Con: 9
Luc: 6 Rsc: 15
weapon rank: lance, B sword, B

*sayaka maizono
[ lvl 3 dancer | pegasus knight | troubadour | mage ]
fates revalations [ songstress | sky knight | diviner ]
sayaka’s resistance and speed makes her a nice unit to have, but be careful of her inferior defense and HP stats. keep her away from mighty foes, but she's not afraid to retaliate. sayaka's singing and dancing invigorates her allies to an amazing degree, to a point where it may boost some stats.
stats (initial)
HP: 16 Def: 4
Str: 5 Res: 7
Skl: 6 Mov: 5 
Spd: 7 Con: 5 
Luc: 5 Rsc: 4
weapon rank: sword, E staff: D

*byakuya togami
[ lvl 5 sniper | paladin | mage  | monk ]
fates nohr [ nohr noble | cavalier | outlaw | dark mage ]
byakuya is as intelligent and strategic as he brags about himself. togami's skill and resistance are at a high rate, and his HP is moderately high when recruited. his lower defense and luck are his only frail elements, but he's too proud of himself to mention it until it's too late.
stats (initial)
HP: 27 Def: 10
Str: 15 Res: 13
Skl: 17 Mov: 6 
Spd: 14 Con: 6 
Luc: 9 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: arrow: B
stats (initial lvl 6 dragon)
HP: 28 Def: 16
Str: 23 Res: 18
Skl: 20 Mov: 8
Spd: 14 Con: 8
Luc: 9 Rsc: 9
weapon rank: dragonstone: A

*chihiro fujisaki
[ lvl 3 mage | wyvern rider | archer ]
fates hoshido/revalations [ diviner | archer | sky knight | monk/priestess ]
chihiro's magic is excellent and his resistance and skill are no excuse to underestimate him. he dresses like a girl due to bullying, and he wants to get stronger by  training with mondo, so pair them up to boost chihiro. his low HP and defense makes it dangerous for him to be left unprotected. touko is the preferable mage if you want better skill and mag.
stats (initial) 
HP: 17 Def: 3
Mag: 6 Res: 6
Skl: 8 Mov: 6 
Spd: 10 Con: 4 
Luc: 9 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: sword D tome: D

*ishimaru kiyotaka
[ lvl 5 myrmidon | mage | wyvern rider | priest ]
fates hoshido [ samurai | monk | oni savage (ishimondo) | knight ]
ishimaru as the ultimate moral compass possesses great skill and HP. everything is finely balanced with ishimaru, he is a unit who is easy to level up and he will make sure he gives and takes order well. very dependent, best sword user.
stats (initial) 
HP: 21 Def: 8
Str: 12 Res: 4
Skl: 10 Mov: 6 
Spd: 10 Con: 5
Luc: 5 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: sword: C
[ same class, promoted (special lvl 1 swordmaster)]
mondo's soul is fused into ishimaru thanks to alter ego. his stats are all around boosted.
stats (initial) 
HP: 28 Def: 13
Str: 19 Res: 10
Skl: 17 Mov: 6 
Spd: 17 Con: 6
Luc: 9 Rsc: 9
weapon rank: sword: B axe: C

*celestia ludenberg/taeko yasuhiro
[ lvl 3 sorcerer | wyvern rider | troubadour ]
fates nohr [ sorcerer | wyvern rider | outlaw | troubadour ]
celeste's magic is deadly and anyone in her range should take caution at all costs. her bewitching skill and resistance makes her terrifying, but her defense isn't sky high. it is good to stay away from her as she will definitely fool you.
stats (initial) 
HP: 23 Def: 7
Mag: 17 Res: 16
Skl: 15 Mov: 6 
Spd: 10 Con: 6 
Luc: 13 Rsc: 8
weapon rank: dark: B staff: D

touko fukawa
[ lvl 4 mage | wyvern rider | cavalier | myrmidon ]
(genocider) [ swordmaster | fighter | dark mage ]
fates nohr [ dark mage | outlaw | wyvern rider ]
toko has great skill and speed, despite her unpleasant and inferiority demeanor. since she's so jumpy, she mainly focuses on fleeing from the enemy, but her alternate personality, genocider, has other plans. she excels touko in every way, including strength and defense. genocider is the master of critical hits, don't ever think of her as frail, she will teach you a lesson of underestimating her [them].
stats (initial) 
HP: 19 Def: 6
Mag: 9 Res: 7
Skl: 8 Mov: 6 
Spd: 9 Con: 4 
Luc: 5 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: tome: C
stats (genocider, initial) 
HP: 19 Def: 8
Mag: 10 Res: 9
Skl: 9 Mov: 6 
Spd: 10 Con: 4 
Luc: 8 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: tome: C

aoi asahina
[ lvl 4 wyvern rider | pegasus knight | knight | cleric ]
fates hoshido [ samurai | oni savage | sky knight | spear fighter ]
this donut loving girl is one of the characters if you level up, they will be a powerhouse. hina is a highly balanced character with top-notch stats, the only flaw being luck, and is tough to take down. especially near water. she's a great substitute in case you want to reclass kirigiri. support her with sakura to see her unleash her fullest. the only thing you'd want to watch out for is bows.
stats (initial) 
HP: 24 Def: 9
Str: 11 Res: 7
Skl: 8 Mov: 7
Spd: 9 Con: 8
Luc: 4 Rsc: 15
weapon rank: lance: C

sakura ogami
[ lvl 12 dread fighter | fighter | wyvern rider ]
fates hoshido [ oni savage | samurai | ninja ]
don't mess with sakura. at all. being one of the strongest characters in the game, she makes it all too easy to take out an army. she has heavy defense, and has the highest strength in the game other than izuru. there are hardly any lacking qualities, other than magic defense, which is low but still high compared to others. support her with weaker characters to fortify them.
stats (initial) 
HP: 45 Def: 26
Str: 25 Res: 15
Skl: 19 Mov: 7
Spd: 20 Con: 9
Luc: 9 Rsc: 12
weapon rank: sword: A lance: B axe: S

hifumi yamada
[ lvl 3 knight | barbarian | priest ]
fates hoshido/nohr [ knight | wyvern rider | outlaw ]
hifumi isn't very helpful if he's around magic users. he serves as a great rescuer and defense, but he's pitiful compared to nekomaru and even teruteru. he's one of those trifle characters that isn't worth restarting the chapter for, but he can make it up a little by reclassing him to a great knight.
stats (initial) 
HP: 24 Def: 10
Str: 8 Res: 2
Skl: 7 Mov: 5
Spd: 5 Con: 8
Luc: 3 Rsc: 10
weapon rank: lance: C

*yasuhiro hagakure
[ lvl 4 villager fortune-teller | priest | myrmidon | fighter ]
fates hoshido [ basara | apothecary | samurai | monk ]
hagakure is a fortune teller whose predictions have a strange percent of accuracy. He can be easily leveled up if he attacks with the finishing blow of a lance. his stats are low, but he has exceptional skill and HP. his luck is strangely high. he makes an awesome magic user.
stats (initial) 
HP: 24 Def: 7
Str: 8 Res: 9
Skl: 9 Mov: 6
Spd: 6 Con: 5
Luc: 9 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: lance: D

*mondo owada
[ lvl 12 mercenary | cavalier | barbarian ]
fates nohr [ mercenary | fighter | cavalier | knight ]
mondo can kick ass by himself, unless his terrible resistance is dug up by magic users. pairing him with ishimaru should make it a little better. he wants to get stronger, and avenge his dead brother, daiya owada. he is an easy character is misjudge, and has beneficial supports.
stats (initial) 
HP: 28 Def: 14
Str: 14 Res: 8
Skl: 10 Mov: 7
Spd: 12 Con: 6
Luc: 5 Rsc: 9
weapon rank: sword: B

*leon kuwata
[ lvl 2 myrmidon | thief | mage | mercenary ]
fates hoshido [ samuari | ninja | spear fighter ]
don't use leon over ishimaru if you want a sturdy myrmidon. his defense and hp are lower and can get killed easily by cavalry if you don't plan carefully. oddly, his resistance is a little high. but if you want the better critical hitter, use leon.
stats (initial) 
HP: 19 Def: 4
Str: 7 Res: 6
Skl: 8 Mov: 7
Spd: 9 Con: 4
Luc: 4 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: sword: D

junko enoshima
[ lvl 2 war cleric | dark mage | wyvern rider | myrmidon ]
fates nohr [ dark mage | mercenary | troubadour ]
junko is the fashion-loving diva whose magic, resistance, skill and speed are so astonishing its hard to believe that it's coming from the shsl fashionista. there a few things that seems to be off about her, but she's the more potential healer.
stats (initial) 
HP: 21 Def: 11
Mag: 14 Res: 12
Skl: 10 Mov: 6 
Spd: 10 Con: 6
Luc: 5 Rsc: 8
weapon rank: light: C staff: B

alter ego
sage ]
fates revelations [ onmyoji ]
chihiro's alternate persona made from magic. has many capabilities that exceeds chihiro's. you will only be able to use him for a little while, but use him well. he has low defense, but serves as a huge advantage.
stats (initial) 
HP: 16 Def: 7
Mag: 14 Res: 15
Skl: 10 Mov: 6 
Spd: 10 Con: 6
Luc: 5 Rsc: 5


*hajime hinata
[ lvl 1 tactician (hope) | cavalier | mage | archer ]
fates revalations [ hope | archer | diviner | fighter ]
he has average stats. hajime is actually really good once he's at a higher level. he has better skill and defense than naegi, which will do him well at later levels. he's finely balanced. pair him with nagito or chiaki to make him much stronger. if you really want to kick butt, use him. he has better skill and strength than naegi but he is also slower.
stats (initial) 
HP: 18 Def: 5
Str: 7 Res: 4
Skl: 7 Mov: 6 
Spd: 8 Con: 6 
Luc: 6 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: sword: D tome: D

promotion stats
HP: +4 Def: +3
Str: +3 Res: +2 
Skl: +3 Mov: +1 
Spd: +1 Con: +2
Luc: +4 Rsc: +4

Lvl 20 tactician
HP: 40 Def: 12
Str: 17 Res: 13
Skl: 14
Spd: 13
Luc: 18 
Lvl 20 Great Hope
HP: 55 Def: 20
Str: 26 Res: 21
Skl: 25
Spd: 22 
Luc: 26

*nagito komaeda
[ lvl 2 archer | thief | dark mage ]
fates revalations [ Outlaw | Wyvern rider | dark mage ]
his luck makes it hard to kill him. the best archer only because of his high luck and skill. but he still has a lot of other cons, such as hp and defense. but surely he'll do fine on his own.. he gets better once he's leveled up.
stats (initial) 
HP: 17 Def: 3
Str: 5 Res: 4
Skl: 6 Mov: 6 
Spd: 8 Con: 4 
Luc: 9 Rsc: 4
weapon rank: sword: D tome: D

chiaki nanami
[ lvl 1 dark mage | pegasus knight | archer ]
fates revelations [ dark mage | wyvern rider | mercenary ]
the best dark mage other than....him. has excellent skill and HP. Chiaki is more sluggish than most sorcerers turn out to be, but she'll make up for it with her strength and resistance. Some units can help her increase her luck and speed stats. Let's not forget she's more sturdy than most magic users, being able to take most hits..
stats (initial) 
HP: 17 Def: 7
Mag: 7 Res: 8
Skl: 8 Mov: 6 
Spd: 5 Con: 5
Luc: 3 Rsc: 6
weapon rank: dark:D (Big Grin)

*fuyuhiko kuzuryu
fates hoshido

ibuki mioda
fates nohr

*kazuichi souda
fates nohr

*gundham tanaka
fates nohr

*?byakuya twogami
fates nohr

*mikan tsumiki
fates hoshido

hiyoko saionji
fates hoshido

akane owari
fates hoshido

nekomaru nidai
fates hoshido

*teruteru hanamura
fates hoshido

*?sonia nevermind
fates hoshido

*mahiru koizumi
fates hoshido

peko pekoyama
fates hoshido

*?izuru kamukura
fates ??? 
hajime's alternate identity. he's obviously a very special character.

DR3 – future

kazuo tengan
kyosuke munakata
koichi kizakura
seiko kimura
chisa yukizome
juzo sakakura
miaya gekkogahara
ruruka ando
sonosuke izayoi
ryota mitarai
daisaku bandai
great gozu

DR - Despair Side, Hope Side, UDG, etc.


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